PRW Lending is not just a company, and you are not just a client. We are a family. This is how it has always been because we were born from the personal needs of our family, and have chosen to remember that through every step of this journey.

After the big market crash of 2008, we found ourselves to be a young couple with a daughter, bills to pay, and no jobs. We had to put our skills together and create the future we wanted because it simply wasn’t out there for the taking. As a former car salesman and a former mortgage operations professional, our fields of expertise were not in the best place to find employment. That is how PRW Lending began.

Going back a bit further, nearly twenty years ago, our founder, Lisa, answered a newspaper ad to work as a receptionist at a small mortgage company. She had no idea she was beginning a lifelong career in the industry! She had no knowledge of buying and lending. She began with buying a copy of The Mortgage Handbook for Dummies, and left with a B.A. in Business and as the Director of Operations. The next company she worked with saw her natural talent and hired her on as Vice-President of Operations. With her extensive knowledge base in both operations and sales, the Vice-President of Sales consulted with her on scenarios he was unable to resolve.

This all came to an end though, as the world crashed back to square one. Using their talents, with some inner motivation and drive for knowledge, Lisa and her husband, Darcey, put the last of their savings together to start a company that would allow them to put family first. PRW Lending is about helping others create the lives they want. With every dream we bring about for you, a little more of our dream happens too!

PRW Lending also understands hard work. Lisa and Darcey put their faith in their company, but the start was slow. Their first month couldn’t even cover the expenses, but they knew that if you believe in what you are selling, listen to your client and meet their needs with honesty and integrity, you’ll find retention and success. So that became the foundation for PRW Lending. This has allowed the focus of family to extend to our employees.

PRW Lending is no longer a company made of two. We are a team of in-house and independent staff, who are all focused on supporting your dreams, while building our own. We want to push people to reach their full potential and surpass financial and professional milestones along the way.

We will always remain a company where our relationships will be what matter most. We will never treat you like a case file or a number in the system. We have in-house processors and assistants, an intimate team of real estate professionals and a reliable team of loan officers who all work with us, not for us. We understand success is circular. Your exceptional experience is what creates our success!